Labor Law Compliance Made Easy...
All states are available! 

Efficient! No longer do your clients, members or locations need to search for all the required labor law postings on their own. We offer simple solutions to the complex issues of mandatory postings required under state and federal law. Our labor law posters ensure that your clients, members or locations are in full compliance.

Reliable! Our Compliance Services Department includes a staff of labor law specialists who's job it is to keep you current on law changes for all states and the federal government, at all times. They do this by way of regular state audits, relationships established with federal and state government agencies and by actually tracking and researching the legislation that affects the posters required by law. We even have a $1,000,000 errors and omissions insurance policy to guarantee the accuracy of the products we produce!

Labor Law Poster Products
Having two product lines available gives your clients / members more choices, they are:

  • Our Combination State and Federal Poster meets federal, state, and OSHA posting requirements, all in one poster! This laminated poster measures 27" x 39". Available in English for all 50 states and Washington DC, and also now available in Spanish for all 50 states and Washington DC!
  • Or our State-Only Poster along with our Federal-Only Poster as a set. The Federal-Only and most of the State-Only posters measure 19" x 27". All are available in English for 50 states and Washington DC, and are also now available in Spanish for all 50 states and Washington DC! (This is the best option for ease of updating as posting changes occur, you don't lose your full investment since you only change out one of the two posters!)
Quality! Each poster is professionally designed, manufactured with care, and laminated for durability. And all our posters are printed on demand to ensure full compliance with the regularly changing employee notification laws.

Make your choice below to view the posting requirements and poster image for your selected state:


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